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 Conflict resolution is an inevitable and necessary component of the workplace. Today's organizations need a suite of resources to "do" conflict well and those in a leadership position must be skilled in a variety of conflict resolution techniques. When conflicts go unaddressed, they can have a negative impact on productivity and teamwork. Using the right conflict resolution strategies and the right tools in the workplace will help maintain a healthy work environment. Conflict resolution is a full contact sport and a leadership competency!




Mediation Training Institute (MTI) provides training programs to help people resolve destructive workplace conflicts.  The techniques used in the MTI courses are easy to learn and put into practice.  They are based on solid psychology principles and help managers and employees to work through disputes that can erode productivity and morale.  We offer open enrollment courses or in-house programs, both online and in-person.

We offer a 40 hour workplace certified mediator course and a certified trainer course.

The Conflict Dynamics Profile® (CDP) is an assessment instrument about conflict behaviors. This tool provides a powerful way to help people gain self-awareness about such things as their constructive and destructive responses to conflict.


The Conflict Dynamics Profile was developed to prevent harmful conflict in the workplace. Backed by solid evidence of reliability and validity, this instrument provides managers and employees with a greater awareness of how they respond when faced with conflict. 

The Entrepreneurial Mindset Profile (EMP) is an empirically-based, cutting-edge assessment tool based on extensive research into the traits, motivations and skills of entrepreneurs.  

The EMP provides an initial benchmark to help individuals and groups to understand both the concept of entrepreneurial mindset as well as their own unique profiles. This can be used to leverage the entrepreneurial strengths and areas of development. It can help you bring forth changes that impact the bottom line.

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